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2023 Winter Reading Challenge: Additional Challenge Info

How would you define "popular science"?

Not from Merriam-Webster but a good definition here!

What does dual timeline even mean?

Here's a definition we like: "Dual timeline novels tell an historical event through the eyes of a character living it and through the story of a present-day character connected to that history." By Kelli Estes

But here's another list to look for your dual timelines!

AND another!

Complete the two book challenge! Find a list of books with epilogues:

Books with Epilogues!

Here's a great humorous nonfiction list -- just beware the list includes fiction titles which won't count:

NPR's Funny Books! Check out the Memoirs, Essays and Nonfiction sections.

How do I find a title BASED on my favorite song?

Pick an element from your song and use it to find a book. When you submit, tell us what the song is and why you chose that book.


What does middle grade mean?

Master Class definition