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2024 Winter Reading Challenge: FAQ


Do I have to do the challenges in order?

Nope. Feel free to tackle them in any order (or disorder) that suits you and only do as many as makes you happy.


When does the challenge end?

March 31st at midnight.


Who decides whether my submission counts?

We have librarians who evaluate submissions and communicate with participants. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, use the contact box. We are happy to listen and advise!


Does this book count?

When you think it does, use the "Why I chose this book?" section on the submission form to explain how it fits that particular challenge. Also check out the EXPLORE THE CHALLENGES and ADDITIONAL LINKS FOR FINDING A BOOK pages for guidance.


Is it my imagination or do I have to read more than one book for two challenges?

It is not your imagination! We have 2! two book challenges. Obviously since it is a leap year, we have one extra day to get these challenges done. The first is to read a complete two book series - the series should not have more than two full books and again, you need to read them both. For the second, you need two books with opposing words in the title  -- for example if you read Bitter Orange, your second book would need SWEET in the title.


Do the books have to come from the library?

Nope. Nope. No. The books can come from a friend, the store, the library or anywhere. It can be in any format (poetry, play, prose, graphic novel) or medium (electronic, audio, physical book).