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2024 Winter Reading Challenge: Additional Challenge Info

additional links

Additional Links

More list for books based in mythology:

Books with Gods and Goddesses

40+ Books Inspired by Myth

What is "slice of life"?

Here's a definition!

What do you mean by time loop?

Have you seen the movie Groundhog day? That's what we're talking about! In a time loop, the characters repeatedly return to a point in the past and start all over again.

Now that you know, here are a couple more time loop lists!

Time loop books to read for Groundhog day!

Time loop books for fans of Russian Doll TV show

Want a book that was definitely on a tv show?

The Rory Gilmore book list

More lists for other challenges:

14 famous posthumously published books

Seriously good posthumously published books

A top 15 must read books from the Middle East region

Ambigious Endings book list

YA books about revenge

9 Thrillers that take an eye for an eye too seriously