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Disaster Preparation: For Kids: Prepare with Pedro

Disaster is rarely something that can be anticipated, but with the proper preparations, you can help minimize the risks, damage, and perhaps even prevent some incidents.

Prepare with Pedro!

Prepare with Pedro is a 30- to 45-minute preparedness education program for grades K-2 that teaches students how to BE PREPARED and TAKE ACTION for either home fires or a local hazard. Watch Pedro the Penguin learn how to stay safe during emergencies and more with our Red Cross Kids Videos playlist on YouTube!

A Wildfire Story PSA

A Power Outage Story PSA

A Hand Wash Story PSA

Pedro Goes to a Shelter

Pedro Prepares for an Earthquake

Pedro Prepares for a Wildfire

Coping Skills

Leo Interprets for Grown-ups / Leo Interpreta para Adultos

Everyone Can Be a Superhero!