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Owning and Caring for Pets: Understanding Pet Ownership

Responsibilities of Pet Ownership

It is important to consider the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.  No matter what pet you decide to own, it means that you are committing to the care and protection of the pet.  Not only does pet care require time, but there is also the financial aspect of having a pet. 


Caring for Pets

The American Society for the Prevention to Animal Cruelty has a general dog care guide that provides great tips for feeding, exercise, grooming, handling, housing, and vaccinations, as well as a nice dog supply checklist.

Why Own a Pet

There are many risks and benefits as to why people own pets. These include things such as companionship, as a way to increase activity, to promote better health, and as workers used to perform practical tasks such as in the case of herding dogs and service animals.