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REcycling Matters ~ the REasons Why We Should: Adult Resources

The purpose of this guide is to spark interest in the many ways that we CAN REcycle, REuse, REduce wastes and to learn better options to care for our planet's REsources.

Adult Books

REuse REduce, REcycle Project Ideas Books

Climate Change Video

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation helps people connect with ways to protect our natural resources

Wands for Wildlife~One Way to Resue

Cornell University Extension Website

Cornell University Extension's  website offers support for  Essex, Clinton, Franklin counties on  gardening , agriculture, climate  and environmental news, as well as information on  4H programs which are geared at education our youth. 

Greener Living Books

New York State Department of Environmental Conversation Website

New York State Department of Environmental Conversation provides authoritative information and concretedata that discusses the impacts of environmental issues and health risks associated global warming. It helps individuals be informed by the research it does. Specifically regarding the disposal of various items which continues to be mandated by the Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act through the New York Stewardship Council.

NOAA Website

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a research and scientifically based website that provides reliable and helpful information related to weather and climate monitoring. NOAA's website contains information that a variety of individuals, ranging from students, commerce, marine and aviation workers, wild life workers, emergency planners, and educators.Other information contained in the  NOAA website includes lakes (as well as data for Lake Champlain) and oceanic data. More useful is that NOAA provides local weather alerts through their National Weather Service System



Environmental Protection Agency Website

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for developing, enforcing,and implementing regulations that ensure that we have clean air, land, and water.  EPA not only supports individual efforts but includes industrial, government efforts combined. The EPA's Federal Green Challenge, demonstrates leading by example, and shows how there is still a lot that needs to be done to address these issues, it's all about living greener.  The  EPA's 2018 Recycling: Protecting the Environment, and Growing the Economy publication addresses these issues across the United States.