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REcycling Matters ~ the REasons Why We Should: Youth Resources

The purpose of this guide is to spark interest in the many ways that we CAN REcycle, REuse, REduce wastes and to learn better options to care for our planet's REsources.

Children's Books

Power of Youth Video

STEM Careers in Conservation

NOAA Trash Talk Video

Environmentally Minded Clubs

There are many ways young people can get involved and be part of  taking care our planet.  Groups such the 4H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts,and many others, help members learn about taking care of the environmental.

More Earth Friendly Books

Here is a great list of Earth-Friendly books that will help you learn more about taking care of our planet.  Being good earth stewards will help take care of our natural resources. 

Tween & Teen Books

New York State Conservation for Kids

The Conservationist  has information and fun things kids can do to learn about ways to explore outside and learn about the environment. 

EPA for Kids

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in charge and responsible for making sure we have rules that help keep our air, land, and water clean.  EPA's website has fun activities that help you  learn about science, come up with ways of helping solve the environment problems so that our planet is healthier.  The National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick that helps you learn stuff that helps save our wildlife, it's all about living greener

National Wildlife Federation For Kids

Kids and families  can learn how to be earth stewards and better connect with their environment,  check out the National Wildlife Federation Kids and Family website.  

NOAA for Kids

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a  cool website that provides great information on weather and climate. NOAA's  has important information for all types of people such as wild life workers, emergency teams, teachers, and kids. NOAA has information about the  climate, lakes and the  ocean.  You can get important  National Weather Service  storm alerts and cool facts about Lake Champlain

REuse REduce, REcycle Project Ideas Books