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REcycling Matters ~ the REasons Why We Should: We Need You!!!

The purpose of this guide is to spark interest in the many ways that we CAN REcycle, REuse, REduce wastes and to learn better options to care for our planet's REsources.

Don't Forget

Whether as an individual, community or on an organizational level ...



Every year we celebrate Earth Day and being earth friendly is one of the biggest gift we can give ourselves so that we and future generations can enjoy our beautiful natural resources.    Remember that there are many things that we can do to make a difference. and it includes things such as planting a tree on National Arbor Day or joining a CSA, every little bit helps.  

Together We Can Make a Difference


Coincidentally,  green frequently symbolizes growth and renewal.  We can think of earth stewardship and the ways we  practice conservation of our natural resources is a way to better maintain and  protect our ecosystem.   Doing so will promote a more sustainable  relationship between humans and the environment.  


Think Green Resources at a Glance

There are numerous resources that can help us find venues for things and that keep them from going to the landfill.  We can REpurpose them as well by donating them which in turn can be helpful to others. 

Remember to use these links to the quick reference Clinton, Essex, Franklin recycling guides to help you find answers to your recycling questions.  They contain many helpful ideas and resources that help you correctly dispose items before resorting to the landfill. 

Please be sure to check with the organizations that are listed in the quick reference recycling guides  before bringing items to be recycled to make sure that they are still participating and accepting items.

Eco-Friendly Tips

Remember there are many ways to be eco-friendy and many reasons to do so.  It not helps the environment but it may save resources and money.   Here are few tips and ideas to motivate you:

  • Try to reduce the amount of single serving packaged items
  • Try using a reusable drink container
  • Keep a reusable bag handy for purchases 
  • Keep a set of silverware (spoon, knife, fork instead of plastic)  in lunch box 
  • Remember that there are many things that we can do to make a difference. and it includes things such as composting, and planting a tree on National Arbor Day or joining a CSA, every little bit helps.  
  • Try to remember ways of saving energy such as shutting lights, unplugging appliances when not used, home winterizing
  • Shop at thrift stores
  • Check to see if anything that you throw away can be recycled, reused, or useful to someone

So if you ask yourself Why Recycle .... and the answer should be why not, it is so good for all of us.

Climate change is a topic that began many years ago  and the history of the Environmental Movement in the 1950's made a lasting impact.  Let's keep the movement going and help  reverse the effects of global warming.