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Gardening in the North Country and Local Food Sources: Gardening with Children

Do you want to grow your own food, or find locally grown food in our northern New York region? Or do you want to beautify your landscape or help the environment? We have resources for you!

Books from your Library on Gardening With Children

Did You Know?


According to an article from PBS Parents, gardening with children can offer these benefits:

  • By observing what happens in the garden, children exercise their curiosity, which can lead to higher achievement in school
  • When they eat the fresh vegetables and fruits they help grow, it can boost brain development and overall health.
  • Digging in the dirt can strengthen the immune-system through contact with microorganisms
  • The physical activities of digging, pushing a wheelbarrow, weeding and watering are good exercise and also help kids stay calm and focused
  • Gardening together provides an opportunity for a family connection and working as a team
  • Kids gain self-esteem from what they grow in the garden
  • By composting, conserving water, and other garden activities, children learn respect for the environment 


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