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Gardening in the North Country and Local Food Sources: Vegetable Gardening

Do you want to grow your own food, or find locally grown food in our northern New York region? Or do you want to beautify your landscape or help the environment? We have resources for you!

Know How to Grow in Our Region!

It's so important to know what works in our climate.  You'll only be frustrated trying to follow the advice in gardening books and websites from California, Florida or England!  Here's a great resource for vegetable gardening which is specific to Northern New York, thanks to the folks at Cornell Cooperative Extension:

Books on Vegetable Gardening at your Library

Did You Know?

Nothing says self-sufficiency like a vegetable garden!  Home gardening has many benefits, such as: 

  • Time outside - you can soak up the sun's vitamin D (but please wear sunscreen and protective clothing) and get younger members of the family outside for some fresh air.
  • Exercise - hoeing, weeding and digging is a great way to get more physically active.
  • Healthy food - fresh vegetables from your own garden are better tasting and more nutritious than those that have traveled many miles.
  • Endless opportunities to learn and experiment  - you can use your gardening experience to learn more about botany, photography, nutrition, cooking, etc.home grown vegetables
  • Improve the environment - you can reduce pesticide use and plant pollinator-friendly flowers near your garden
  • Opportunities to give back - you can donate your extra produce to local food charities, or gift them to friends
  • Saving money - eat your vegetable fresh from the garden and also preserve them for year round savings!


Ebooks on Vegetable Gardening

Download these ebooks to read instantly on your phone, tablet or computer. All you need is your library card number.


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