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Gardening in the North Country and Local Food Sources: Landscaping

Do you want to grow your own food, or find locally grown food in our northern New York region? Or do you want to beautify your landscape or help the environment? We have resources for you!

Books on Landscaping at your Library

Quality Online Resources for Landscaping

Patio with flowers
Your home landscape includes lawn, trees, shrubs and other plants, the shape of the land, and structures, such as fences, patios and trellises.  Learn more about how to make a beautiful and healthy landscape with the following links:

Visit Public Gardens for Inspiration!

One of the world's premier botanical gardens is in our backyard - the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Vermont is home to a number of beautiful public gardens.  You can find many of them here: Visit Vermont Gardens.

Cornell University in Ithaca, NY maintains extensive gardens for research. Visit their website here: Cornell Botanic Gardens.


Ebooks on Landscape Gardening


Subject Guide

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